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Bundesliga Boxes BIRTHDAY!

It’s our 2nd Birthday so we thought we would take time to give a little insight into what we do, and for new Boxmeisters, take a look back at the history of our product which launched 2 years ago today!

When was the last time you picked up a Mystery Football Shirt Box? There’s a lot of choice out there but perhaps you wish that your collection was going in a particular direction.

That’s where Bundesliga Boxes come in. If German Shirts is your passion, then we have probably already crossed paths. Mystery Football Shirt Boxes are plentiful in the marketplace, if you want something completely random and from any country or league then we’re not for you. We deliver German Shirts. Fantastic German Shirts.

Not only that but we continue to break new ground in bringing lower league German Club Shirts to the UK via our unique Mystery Boxes. Whilst Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 shirts are regularly unveiled, our loyal customer base is demanding more and more unique shirts which means we have been exploring 3.Liga, Regionalliga and Oberliga.

One of the most recent examples is the inclusion of Viktoria Aschaffenburg from the Bayern Regionalliga (4th Tier). We are now at Batch 22 and proud to still be bringing new clubs like this to you, to research and enjoy. This shirt retails at 49 Euro’s and represents unparalleled value in a Mystery Box.


Above:  Viktoria Aschaffenburg “Alternate” Jersey

Unlike many other Mystery Football Shirt Box companies, we source all our shirts from Germany, sometimes this means a simple conversation with a club who don’t normally export to the UK and on other occasions we have actually visited the clubs to deal with them face-to-face. This is why we are always confident in meeting some high expectations.

One of our favourite missions was to visit BAK 07 whilst in Berlin and see if it was possible to bring back the only shirts which they had available. Sitting on a balcony at The Poststadion with Club officials we were able to negotiate a price to be able to include within our boxes. A surreal afternoon.


Above: BAK07 Shirts were a welcome addition to our Boxes.

We actually love the high expectations, it offers us a goal to continue doing what we do well, whilst also trying to find ways to raise the bar higher. As each batch lands, so do new demands and we love reading them – whilst we allow our dedicated Boxmeisters to choose clubs to avoid, many are just as passionate about colours to avoid too. This is why we need a varied batch of shirts on each occasion. “No Green” has become strangely common!


Above:  TSV Havelse debuted in Batch 22.

Another club to feature most recently is TSV Havelse who had a brief fling with 3.Liga last season but were swiftly relegated again. As soon as we saw their shirts we knew we wanted them to feature and again with a 40 Euro price-point in Germany it demonstrates extraordinary value to have them here inside a Bundesliga Box.

What else sets us apart? A Bundesliga Box isn’t just a Mystery Shirt Box it’s a German Football experience. We didn’t want a quick unwrap and a shirt hung in a wardrobe, we want our customers to feel that they have more than that. We decided from day 1 that every Bundesliga Box would include a Pin Badge, a Match Day Programme, a Sticker and an item which would change on a monthly basis. This dream has led us to uncovering great extra items for you…

In an early batch, mid-pandemic, we were in touch with fashionable club Tennis Borussia Berlin and as well as creating our first ever Player Worn Batch, we also helped the club by purchasing Match Tickets for the “Corona Is Over” Match with a ticket value of 19 Euro’s each. This match would be played when, as per the phrase, Corona Is Over!


Above:  A TeBe Ticket was included in every Bundesliga Box during an early batch.

We can list so many items which we have included, from Banners and Books to Scarves and Woolly Hats! One of our most popular inclusions were the fantastic maps created by Sports Club Maps.


Above:  We also included a unique map of Berlin Clubs.

So how long does it take to create a Batch of Bundesliga Boxes? This is a question we are asked regularly and it varies all of the time. If we are already running with one batch, you can guarantee work has started on at-least two other batches. The efforts in locating the right shirts is a long job as we have to make contact, overcome difficulties with shipping and then there are the delays in shipping themselves. Brexit added a whole new level to our operations with Import Tax and Duty and less people wishing to trade with the UK. This means that whilst we attempt to run a batch every month, there has sometimes been longer gaps inbetween batches (and sometimes shorter!).

Once the orders are in, there is a huge amount of work still to be done. From making up the flat pack boxes, adding the logo and filling them up. Most importantly we thrive in making sure we meet all the demands and only include shirts which are not on the avoid list (some are now very, very long!)


Beer Cups? Why Not.

What’s Next for Bundesliga Boxes? We always make this clear, Bundesliga Boxes will not diversify into any other leagues, this is our passion and what we do well. We appreciate every single Boxmeister out there and we promise to keep doing our best to bring you a great German Football Box experience.

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