Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot

Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot

Introducing the Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot. Every year football clubs in Germany create a special shirt to celebrate the carnivals in February and this year Alemannia Aachen have joined in with their first ever carnival shirt. Such was the bold design we decided to include an Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot with our Christmas Batch of Bundesliga Boxes.

Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot
An Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot will be opened by one lucky Bundesliga Box customer…

On one side of the shirt you will see the brightly coloured AKV letters which is in fact the logo of the Aachen Carnival Association, responsible for working with the club to launch this shirt.

Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot
AKV is the logo of The Aachen Carnival Association

The front of the Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot also features new sponsor Timepartner whilst the club logo has moved into a central position to accommodate a logo of Prince Guido, whilst the Elferrat (the council of 11 fools at the Carnival) is referred to on the inside of the collar.

On the reverse the club have included a QR code which when scanned downloads you an augmented reality coat of arms which you can then use on your mobile phone.

With the eleven stripes on the front of the jersey not best representing the normal carnival feel, that job is completed with an electric yellow and black sleeve formed of diamonds.

Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot
The QR code offers an augmented reality coat of arms.

The sleeve on the Alemannia Aachen Karnevalstrikot is more in line with a Carnival shirt

11JECKENEIN11ER on the inside collar represents the council of 11 fools.

The Price Guido logo

Get a closer look at the shirt with this short video:

The shirt has been released as a limited edition of 1111 shirts however the shirts do not appeared numbered which many fans or shirt collectors may have wanted. The shirt will first be worn in their match against FC Koln II in February 2022.

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