SG Wattenscheid Rewind to the 1970s

The new SG Wattenscheid 09 Home Shirt has very much gone under the radar and we don’t know why. The club, based in Bochum, along with Joma have transported us back to 1974 with this black, green and white masterpiece to offer us a reminder of the clubs Regionalliga Title 47 years ago.

The original Black, Green and White shirt worm in 1974

There is some great detail on this new shirt. 1909 their year of formation is printed on the back of the neck just above the bold text of WATTENSCHEID across the shoulders.

The Triple S sponsor works well in the centre of the shirt, tastefully meeting the colour scheme of the shirt rather than trying to take centre stage, whilst the white outline of the S perfectly matches the white pin stripes which in turn separate the dark green and black beautifully.

Playing in the Oberliga Westfalen, SG Wattenscheid 09 paraded the new jersey in a recent match versus 1FC Kaan-Marienborn which they lost 1-0. SG Wattenscheid 09 currently sit 2nd in the league – the only team ahead of them being their opponents who beat them on the day the jersey was showcased. The team from Bochum who filed for bankruptcy in 2019 and retired from Regionalliga West are now back and perhaps this trip down memory lane will reignite their fortunes on the pitch.

Take a closer look of the shirt with our short video

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