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Batch 29 Quiz ANSWERS

Thanks to @Footyquiz.net for another great quiz inside Batch 29. Please find the questions and answers below to see how you did.

  1. In 2019 which current Bundesliga mainstay was the last 2.Bundesliga club to win the promotion/relegation playoff?
  2. And in that tie they defeated (and relegated) the 06-07 Bundesliga champions – who was that?
  3. In what decade did the 2.Bundesliga become a single league? 
  4. Between 1963 and 1974 Germany’s second tier was made up of how many Regionalligas?
  5. Which now 2.Bundesliga club survived back to back playoffs in 2014 and 2015 before being relegated in 2018?
  6. Which current Bundesliga relegation candidate gave themselves a temporary reprieve when they won the 2022 playoff against Hamburg?
  7. Which club from the Northern state of Schleswig-Holstein was denied promotion to the Bundesliga twice when they lost the 2018 and 2021 playoff finals to Wolfsburg and Köln respectively?
  8. In 1986 which current Bundesliga powerhouse would require a 3rd leg (which they won 8-0) to defeat Fortuna Köln and stay in the top flight?
  9. In what single season in the 90s was the promotion/relegation playoff temporarily scrapped?
  10. And in what year did Bayern Munich win the Regionalliga playoffs to secure their promotion to the top flight?
  1. Union Berlin
  2. VfB Stuttgart
  3. 1980s (1981)
  4. 5 (Süd, Südwest, West, Berlin, Nord)
  5. HSV Hamburg
  6. Hertha Berlin
  7. Holstein Kiel
  8. Borussia Dortmund
  9. 1991-92 (reunification)
  10. 1965

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