Batch 30 Quiz

Thanks to for another great quiz inside Batch 30. Please find the questions and answers below to see how you did.

  1. Which club holds the record for the most immediate returns (five) to the Bundesliga after relegation – VfL Bochum or Dynamo Dresden?
  2. Which club dramatically pipped Hamburg SV to automatic promotion to the Bundesliga in stoppage time on the final day of the 2022-23 2.Bundesliga season?
  3. And who would defeat Hamburg in the 2022-23 promotion/relegation playoff? 
  4. Which club would win the 2022-23 3. Liga?
  5. Between 1992 and 2018 Friedhelm Funkel won promotion to the Bundesliga an amazing six times, with five different clubs. How many of them can you name?
  6. In what decade did Borussia Dortmund get promoted back to the Bundesliga?
  7. Five clubs have won a record four 2.Bundesliga titles. How many can you name?
  8. In which decade was the promotion/relegation playoff first played, after the introduction of a single division 2.Bundesliga?
  9. Can you name the two clubs who were relegated from the Bundesliga this season?
  10. Which Bavarian club has been relegated from the Bundesliga a record nine times?


  1. VfL Bochum
  2. Darmstadt
  3. VfB Stuttgart
  4. SV Elversberg
  5. Uerdingen (1992 and 1994), Duisburg (1996), Cologne (2003), Eintracht Frankfurt (2005) and Düsseldorf (2018).
  6. 1970s (promoted at end of 1975-76 season)
  7. FC Nürnberg, SC Freiburg, 1. FC Köln, Arminia Bielefeld and VfL Bochum
  8. 1980s (1981)
  9. Schalke and Hertha Berlin
  10. FC Nürnberg

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