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Forget the “grail” shirts, this is not one of those. However this shirt is one of those which was instantly likeable. No better than that, instantly loved.

SC Preußen Münster participate in the Regionalliga which is the fourth tier of football in Germany. This season they find themselves in second place at the time of writing.

When the SC Preußen Münster shirt was showcased in 2021 it immediately sold out in the regular sizes, and again we were not quick enough to snap one up in the next re-stock. However it seems that whatever was causing the shortage of shirts has now been rectified. It is the measure of the shirts pull that after such a long period elapsing since first knowing about it, the desire has been as strong as ever to own one.

The SC Preußen Münster shirt is manufactured by JAKO and we decided to size-up which was the right call. We opted to purchase the shirt from JAKO without the sponsor, the variation with the sponsor is available from the club.

One of the features we loved about this shirt was the Silver finish to the badge, the JAKO logo and the club name of the reverse. On receiving we found that this colouring even goes as far as the sizing label inside.

The Club Badge has always been liked and this is beautifully included in silver and black with the finish feeling like rubber and really adds something to the shirt.

The club proudly announced that the Munster City skyline is illustrated on the inside of the neck which is becoming quite a regular inclusion on shirts, yet still a nice touch.

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