Official Tennis Borussia Berlin UK shirt supplier

We are the Official TeBe Shirt Supplier for the UK!

Following on-going work with Tennis Borussia Berlin we are delighted to announce an official partnership with the iconic German Team supplying their official jerseys here in the UK to save you money.

Here at Bundesliga Boxes we are renowned for our Mystery Shirt boxes which contain a shirt plus other German football memorabilia. However this new venture allows us to provide you with the shirt you want, a brand new 2021/22 jersey from this famous club!

This unique partnership means that you can purchase the current replica shirts at the same price as you would if in Germany without having to pay the international postage fee’s and if ordering multiple shirts you won’t have concerns over duty and import tax.

Bundesliga Boxes are proud to have created this opportunity with such a great club as TeBe and this is a partnership to benefit both parties. Franziska Hoffman, head of the Supervisory Board at the club said “We hope that this partnership will allow more football fans in the UK to have access to our beautiful jerseys and that we can find new fans who wish to visit our unique club in Berlin”.

The shirts are available in all sizes, and can be ordered now. With shirts coming from Germany we expect these to be fulfilled within 28 days.

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Together with the CURA Victims’ Fund,supported by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, TeBe stands behind the victims of right-wing violence. Until a new main sponsor for the 2021/22 season is found, we will provide the advertising space on these jerseys for the fund.
The back of the jersey is adorned with the lettering “TENNIS BORUSSIA”.

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